LA times Crossword Answers 9 Jun 13, Sunday

THEME: Strictly Speaking … I’m not certain that I fully understand today’s theme. All of today’s themed clues are types of statement, and the answers are all usually spoken:

24A. Heated words? GREAT BALLS OF FIRE
32A. Blanket expression? I’VE GOT YOU COVERED
56A. Formal request? SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME
110A. Bald assertion? THAT’S GOT TO BE A WIG
118A. Mission statement? REMEMBER THE ALAMO!


Today’s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
As many of you know, I am on vacation in Ireland right now. As such, it’s a little hard to find time for a full post for today’s large Sunday puzzle. Here are the essentials, and hopefully there will be some quiet time later when I can do the more interesting look-ups. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. “Thick & Fluffy” breakfast brand EGGO
5. He edged TED in 1948 HST
8. __ out: thoroughly INSIDE
14. Brutus accomplice CASCA
19. Mouthy minor BRAT
20. 18-Down reaction OOH!
21. British magazine founded in 1709 TATLER
22. On the bias ASKEW
23. Head honcho BOSS
24. Heated words? GREAT BALLS OF FIRE
27. Symbolic yet insubstantial TOKEN
29. Dash letters RPM
30. Kitty’s bit ORT
31. Performed an entrechat LEAPT
32. Blanket expression? I’VE GOT YOU COVERED
37. Winding way, maybe ROAD
39. Winding way, maybe DETOUR
40. Tulsa sch. OSU
41. One rushing into a relationship? ELOPER
43. Pinocchio’s peccadillo LIE
44. Plural maker ESS
45. Big oil source GUSHER
47. Luau garland LEI
48. Justice Kagan ELENA
50. “What __ God wrought?” HATH
51. Org. with an Arrow of Light award BSA
54. Hook’s mate SMEE
56. Formal request? SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME
66. Peterhof Palace resident TSAR
67. Foundry waste SLAG
68. “La Bohème” heroine MIMI
69. News item REPORT
70. Where most states have their own page ATLAS
75. “First Blood” hero RAMBO
76. Opening bout, briefly PRELIM
78. Verging on NEAR
79. 1-Down relative NEAP
81. Dancer’s restraint REIN
82. Frank talk? HOT DOGS! GET YOUR HOT DOGS!
86. One way to make up for lost time RUSH
87. Suggest, as a price ASK
88. Unfolds, in verse OPES
89. White House nickname DUBYA
92. Mil. support gp. USO
95. Old Flatbush field EBBETS
98. First word of Dante’s “Inferno” NEL
101. Dossier letters AKA
102. New Hampshire city NASHUA
105. Miss Piggy’s pronoun MOI
106. Comfy (with) AT HOME
108. Friends BUDS
110. Bald assertion? THAT’S GOT TO BE A WIG
113. Not the best plan for becoming a millionaire LOTTO
115. Orch. section STR
116. Confessional music genre EMO
117. Ecuadoran province once famous for its gold EL ORO
118. Mission statement? REMEMBER THE ALAMO!
123. Preceders of las TRAS
124. Coeur d’__ ALENE
125. Fluoride beneficiary ENAMEL
126. Fluoride-in-water meas. PPM
127. Italian noble family ESTE
128. Mortise mate TENON
129. One-person craft KAYAKS
130. Gender-specific pronoun SHE
131. It’s in Off! DEET

1. Coastal recession EBB TIDE
2. Record tracks GROOVES
3. Seals that avoid water? GASKETS
4. Cooperstown’s Lake OTSEGO
5. Slop slurper HOG
6. Rueful SORRY
7. Winnie’s title? THE POOH
8. Old comm. giant ITT
9. Queen Amidala’s “Star Wars” home NABOO
10. Crave, with “for” STARVE
11. Schoolyard threat I’LL TELL
12. Sun City developer Webb DEL
13. Interjections of indecision ERS
14. Stylish eatery CAFE
15. Equidistant AS FAR
16. It’s planted in the snow SKI POLE
17. Sure CERTAIN
18. Wonder AWE
25. Play the jester AMUSE
26. Like many shoppes OLDE
28. Chewy confection NOUGAT
33. Aphorisms TRUTHS
34. Sidewalk sides CURBS
35. Eggs from the sea ROE
36. Protestant denom. EPISC
38. Latin goddess DEA
42. Pea jacket relative REEFER
46. China supporter SHELF
49. Smallest of the roaring cats LEOPARDS
50. Coat-of-arms science HERALDRY
52. Common church name ST MARY’S
53. Take __ view of A DIM
55. La Méditerranée, e.g. MER
56. Bacteria in grapelike clusters STAPH
57. Houston player ASTRO
58. Double-parker who gives out tickets VALET
59. “The Divided Self” author R.D. LAING
60. Come to terms AGREE
61. Waiter’s question ending A MENU?
62. Forty-__ NINER
63. He said “I die,” and then did ROMEO
64. Head honcho MR BIG
65. School collars ETONS
71. Great Plains language family SIOUAN
73. First name in spydom MATA
74. Sierra Nevada resort TAHOE
77. Classic British two-seaters MGS
80. Can opener POP-TAB
83. “Cut out the racket!” SHUSH!
84. Vermont ski resort OKEMO
85. One who sits for SATs TESTEE
89. Brief application DAB
90. A pricey one may be made of koa wood UKULELE
91. Broken mirror, for some BAD OMEN
93. __ Na Na SHA
94. Remain beyond, as one’s welcome OUTSTAY
96. Waterside stopover BOTEL
97. Computer image formats BITMAPS
98. Stable NO WORSE
99. Dubai or Sharjah EMIRATE
100. You can build a 5,922-piece Taj Mahal replica with the largest one ever made LEGO SET
103. First step in a progression A TO B
104. Often-allergic condition ASTHMA
107. Suspended HALTED
109. Note taker using symbols STENO
111. With “The,” L.A. theater at which Neil Diamond recorded “Hot August Night” GREEK
112. Pizazz OOMPH
114. Govt. agents T-MEN
118. See 119-Down RAT
119. Reaction to a 118-Down EEK!
120. Genetic building blocks RNA
121. Michaels and Franken ALS
122. Partner of ‘earth? ‘OME

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5 thoughts on “LA times Crossword Answers 9 Jun 13, Sunday”

  1. Hi Bill! Ugh, didn't finish today. Sailed through New York, feeling all Mensa, then Los Angeles……Went straight through to Bill Butler. As I enjoy my Guinness (brewed in Canada, wha…..! I will remember my fond times in Ireland. Thank you for your cool web site, and cheers! Cathy in Las Vegas

  2. It's from the phrase "hearth and home" a la Cockney, so "'earth and 'ome."

    Am I the only person who noticed that 40 across is wrong? OSU — Oklahoma State University — is in Stillwater, hence is not a "Tulsa sch." Tried a long time to make "ORU" (Oral Roberts University, which is in Tulsa) work, but it was no good. Alas! — yet another fallen idol.

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