This site’s sister blog NYTCrossword.com has had to change its name and address. The new name is NYXCrossword.com, and the blog’s address is NYXCrossword.com. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, but it was unavoidable. Please update bookmarks, and tell your “puzzling” friends!

Update 1/17/19: I am aware that both blogs (LAXCrossword.com and NYXCrossword.com) are running slowly. I am working to resolve the issue.

3 thoughts on “NYXCrossword.com”

  1. Too clever for this boy. Cheated big time on this one and it’s only Thursday’s. My memory must be worse than I thought. When I push post comment it say’s duplicate post. Yikes !

  2. Bruce Haight never disappoints me. This phonetic-letter trick was rocky in places, but big fun, as is imagining a robot reading aloud the theme answers. (Should BH be reading: I gotta tell you that I was aggravated by your throwing those two long — and to many solvers, obscure — proper nouns in at 1 and 2, and again at 41 and 42. Sure, to make it work, you gotta do what you gotta do … but still. Thanks for the entertaining Friday workout.)

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